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SAH-33A OI-33A Svyatogor AH by AC710N87 SAH-33A OI-33A Svyatogor AH by AC710N87
SAH/OI-33A Svyatogor Advanced Attack Helicopter for Nationstates. Did this one awhile ago, before I started going more in depth, but this is my best helicopter lineart. A few flaws, like usual but oh well. Below is the technical specifications, it looks alot nicer in its formated version with bolded sections, etc.

Role: Attack Helicopter [General/Heavy]; Close Air Support
Design: No Tail Rotor – Utilizes Coanda Effect + Direct Thrust Assistance to Counter Torque; Tandem Cockpit
Designer: PanGen MoK Collaborative [Armed Republic components]; October Alliance cooperative
Crew: Two [Pilot (Above/Aft); Gunner/WSO (Below/Forward)]
Length: 57.50 ft.
Main Rotor Diameter: 53 ft.
Height: 18.50 ft.

Powerplant: 2x Hishnik VAK-AH3 Turbines [3800 HP per]
Maximum Speed [At ~1200 ft.]: <250 MPH [Sprint; Internal Stores ONLY]; ~230 MPH [Sprint; W/ External Load]; ~210 MPH [Maximum Cruise; Advised Less]

Initial Climb Rate: 1,650 ft. per minute
Hover Ceiling: 14,500 ft.
Service Ceiling: 18,900 ft.
Range: 430 nm [Maximum Range; Internal Fuel; Maximum Payload]; 860 nm [Self Deployment Range; Maximum Payload]

Armament/Hardpoints [Maximum Payload – 6050.00 lbs.]:
-Internal Hardpoints [3x Internal Bays (Side {2x Air-to-Air}, Side {2x Air-to-Air}, Underside {2x ATGM w/ fold-flat doors; 4x ATGM w/ adapter and drop-away cover})]
-2x Hardpoints for Stub Wing Attachment [4x Hardpoints per Stub Wing]
-1x External Underside Hardpoint [Technology Attachment; Adapter for 2x ATGMs (+ capability for drop-away low-RCS cover); or other (such as 250lb. or smaller bomb)]
-1x SQB-37A2 Twin-Barreled 30mm Automatic Cannon [See SQB-37A2 Specifications] + 350 rds.

Systems [Combined into the CHASE System (Combined Helicopter Situational Awareness and Electronics System)]:
-Battlefield Management and Communication System
-Enhanced Threat Detection Suite
-PEDR [Photon Emission, Detection, and Ranging; LIDAR/LADAR] Pulsed Laser Focal Plane Array
-TIDS [Thermal and Infrared Detection Suite] + IRST [Infrared Search and Track]
-ARMS [Auxiliary Radar Management System; Millimeter Wave RADAR]
-Radar and Laser Warning Receivers
-Enhanced Optical [Camera/Television; Low-Light/Night-Vision]
-Countermeasures Deployment Systems
-Electronic Countermeasures
-Fiber optic, computer aided flight control system

-Radio wave scattering design from the front, sides, and forward underside
-Carbon fiber rotor blades
-RAM-coated armament systems and pylons to reduce RCS
-Removable main gun to reduce RCS in stealth missions
-Internal armament capability + drop-away covers to expand ATGM bay
-Infrared suppressive paint + slits to allow for natural temperature of outer skin
-Liquid and air cooled rotor hub assembly and exposed engine elements
-Air and dissipater cooled exhaust and thrust vectoring systems
-Advanced flight control systems to allow for low-altitude flight where aircraft skin-temperature and RCS are far-less visible and detectable

-Fire-retardant foam filled fuel tanks and self-sealing
-Ballistic foam void fillers
-Redundant primary structure providing ‘get home’ capability
-Ejection system [Rotor assembly ejects followed by the entire crewed section]
-Bullet- and shatter-proof computer displays to prevent shattering
-Twin powerplants
-Armored crew compartment w/ anti-spalling layers
-Armored and separated engine compartments
-Critical systems protected and enveloped by non-critical systems
-Triple redundant flight control systems
-Halon fire extinguishing systems
-Automatic deploying wheel struts to soften hard landings
-Designed, in a slow-speed crash, for the underside to crumple in and tilt the aircraft back, letting the tail absorb a majority of crash-impact forces.

COST: $39.50 Million USD [Actual Production Cost Estimate; May Change]

SQB-37A2 Twin-Barreled 30mm Automatic Cannon
Caliber: 30mm
Operation: Gast Principle
Weight: 350 lb. [Estimated; Includes Housing and Imaging Equipment]
Length: 6.05 ft. [Barrel]; 9.10 feet [Full unit/firing apparatus, excluding housing]
Rate of Fire: One to 2,700 RPM Maximum [Limited to ~2200 RPM to increase barrel life]
Muzzle Velocity: 3050 fps. [Varies Pending Ammunition]
Maximum Range: ~4 mi.
Effective Range: ~1.4 mi.
Notes: The SQB-37A2 automatic cannon system was specifically designed to provide a reliable, accurate, and powerful cannon system for the Next Generation Helicopter Program. The design of the weapon offers incredibly rugged performance and a relatively high barrel life [if rate of fire is limited] yet still offers the accuracy and power to destroy targets at ranges of in excess of one mile with anywhere from three to seven rounds [against thin/light-skinned targets or materiel]. Higher rates of fire provide the mass necessary to destroy thicker skinned vehicles. However, through-out it’s testing, a repetitive problem was discovered: high recoil. The recoil of the weapon was enormous, and after its first live fire trials, it sheared from its mount. Some changes were made; however, recoil is still horrendous. Subsequently, in-the-field test operators have complained of the weapon’s capability to steer the platform by firing in opposite directions [tested on the comparatively light-weight SAH-11P test platform]. In testing aboard the SAH-33/OI-33 airframe, the same problem was revealed albeit at a reduced frequency and power. In actual scenarios with combat personnel, the flight crews have taken a likening to the hefty nature and raw power of the cannon system, often referring to it simply as the ‘boxer’ [not only for its hefty nature and strength, but for its two barrels: the proverbial 'one-two punch']. Unlike testing personnel, actual combat operators have praised the unit’s tremendous strength and capability while additionally praising its recoil as ‘the proof that the gun is doing its job well.’ Overnight, it seemed, the entirety of the helicopter pilots and officers corps sung the praise of the weapon system, especially over its meek ancestor, the SQB-32 [the two are incredibly common and weigh, almost precisely, the same, including nearly identical dimensions, however, they ironically differ greatly in performance although sharing the same caliber]. Requests were issued to every major materiel command, including the Dedicated Logistical Service of the Armed Republic, to adapt the SAH-27 airframe to the SQB-37A2. The repeated requests were turned down due to the lighter nature of the SAH-27’s forward air frame which would require extensive remodeling to fit the weapon system, especially its ferocious recoil.

Armed Republic helicopter flight personnel have learned to readily adapt themselves to a cannon, and helicopter, which they deem as not having a single ‘flaw’, but instead only an ‘assurance that everything is being done correctly.’
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Jax1776 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Badass gunship. :D
wengaiden Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
this one was one of the helicopters who tried to fight hulk in the first movie isnt it?
meugen06 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist
I love it.
Catapocalips21 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Hers my Check list:
Realistic: Check!
Looks cool: Check!
Adding to Favorits: Check!
legoland99 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
that is soo cool ! good job !:D
teslatrooper666 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This helicopter is a very cool piece of design, The streamlined body gives it a more fighter feel. but then again that huge gun at the nose really cements this pics awesomeness
thesmitty1 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
How did you do the digital design like that
Supercactus777 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
You should join my region, its a thing i made that resembles the United nations, mainly about defence - [link]
ZealRaegus Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So the 30mm Auto Cannon only carries 700 rounds? Sounds conservative but not very well effective especially if needed to engage large amount of infantry. In my opinion 1000 rounds would do enough but that is just my idea.
Really well made in my opinion and to the flaws I really don't see much. Did very well on it and keep up the great work on the military vehicles.
Altimeter Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009
Very well executed
Heilelbs Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008   General Artist
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